A Selection of paintings - 2007-2011

A selection of paintings in acrylics on canvas using imagery
sourced from street photography, TV screen captures,
and found images from the internet

These are paintings that explore the impact of information technology on images, especially photographic imagery. These paintings were painted as a deliberate antidote to the hours and days I keep spending glaring at the computer screen putting together new-media artworks. It is also a reassuring balancing act of grounding myself with the tactility and materiality of a painting, which I personally value very much as an artist.

By symbolically disfiguring the painted image with computer code graffiti, I am alluding to the transition of the photograph - from being a tangible real world object etched in silver halide on gelatin paper, to the present day 'jpeg image' file, which is an intangible digital document made up of rows of ACII code.

In these paintings I am also exploring the relationship between photography and painting, which has existed from the time of Dutch masters to French impressionism and continued through American pop and other genres of modern painting.

David Hockney’s research on the link between photographic/visual devices and painting gives a very comprehensive description of how photography and painting has always influenced each other while striving to give us a description of reality.