The Futurz Machine
Do you depend?

Do you trust?
Do you interface?

Interactive cyber installation/ web project.
Medium: Translites, HTML, Java, Javascript, and I-Ching database. Dimensions- Variable

Baiju Parthan- 2000

2000-National gallery of Modern Art Bombay, India.
2002- Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria,

2002-Japan foundation Cetntre gallery- Tokyo

Installation view- Japan foundation Centre gallery- Tokyo - 2002
Code is an interactive cyber ‘Oracle’ and advisor as well as a game made up of an ‘intelligent’ interface that responds tothe viewer in a number of ways utilizing a database of’ ‘I-Ching’ readings
CODE is an attempt to explore the cyberspace as a possibility landscape. A place where dumb programming code morphs into unexpected and surprising behaviour.
The viewer is faced with an animated synthetic head (constructed with the help of 3d graphics program), which responds to the mouse touch by smiling back at the viewer. The viewer is then asked to click a rotating cube on the top area of the screen. When the viewer clicks on the cube , a question box pops up. Once theviewer types in a question , CODE will search through the I-Ching data base and come up with an appropriate advice.The interaction proceeds like a game where one get to know one's own fears and aspirations
The installation space is defined through three backlit panels that reveal the actual code that went into the making of the interactive ( intelligent ) program
Various responses of the synthetic persona representing CODE
One could theoretically ask advice on anything under the sky.