Place of Birth- Kerala, INDIA

Currently lives and works in Mumbai ( Bombay)

Education -

Bachelors Degree in Painting -B.F.A

Postgraduate Diploma -Comparative Mythology

Bachelors Degree Botany -B.Sc.

Master of Arts Philosophy-MA



2015-2014-2015- recursor(series 1,2,3) Gallery OED Cochin, Kerala. Gallery Veda,Chennai. Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore

2012 - Variable operatives- Duo show with media artist Prayas Abhinav-  Video installation and lenticular prints. The Guild  gallery, Mumbai

2009- Syncytium / Cosmopolis Installation - Living off The Grid curated By Meera Menezez - Anant Art Gallery,New Delhi,

2009- Arpeggio for Abbe Faria- Photo Installation- Retrieval Systems Curated by Ranjit Hoskote - Art Alive Gallery new Delhi

2008-RORSCHACH BREATH -Dual Channel Video-( Mechanisms of Motion) Anant Art Gallery,New Delhi,( Third life) Bombay Art Gallery Mumbai

2007-LIQUID MEMORY new media Installation-Christian Hosp Galleries, Nassereith,Austria

2005-NRLA – Live Art Festival , Midland, Perth , Australia

2004 -FLOW- Instant Karma Algorithm- Interactive video data projection, New moves International Live Art Festival, Glasgow- UK

2004- Zoom ! Art in Contemporary India, Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal

2004 - Along the X axis: video art from India and Pakistan - Apeejay Media Gallery, New Delhi

2003- FEED- What You See Is What You Get- Interactive video data projection-Khoj International artists camp, Bangalore, India

2002-Diary of the Inner Cyborg, Interactive projection, 'CODE' Interactive Digital installation- Under Construction- exhibition of Asian Contemporaray art, Organised by Japan Foundation,Tokyo, Japan

2002- Necessary Illusions with 24 cups of coffee -Interactive projection, New moves International Live Art Festival, Glasgow- UK

2002-Diary of the Inner Cyborg, Interactive projection, Stephen Lawrence Gallery. Greenwich, London

2002- 'CODE' Interactive Digital installation 'Kapital and Karma', Kunsthalle Wien, Austria

2001 - Video Installation- ' Leap Into and Across '- Collaborative work with a Particle physicist. Venue Tata Theatre, Mumbai

2001- Interactive Digital Installation 'Asystole'- A Diary of the Inner Cyborg Version-0.1 The Fine Art Company Gallery, Mumbai

2000 - Interactive Digital Installation 'Necessary Illusions With 24 Cups of Coffee' at Lakeeren Contemporary Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2000 - Interactive Digital Installation 'CODE' at National Gallery of Modern Art Mumbai.

2000 - Site specific installation 'THE CROSSING' at Army-Navy Building foyer, Kalaghoda Art District, Mumbai.

1999 - Interactive Digital Installation 'BRAHMA'S HOMEPAGE' at Lakeeren Contemporary Art Gallery, Mumbai.



2014- 2015 - ‘The Eye and the Mind’ New Interventions in Indian Art China Art Museum Shanghai, and Gaungdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China- Organised by National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi.

2013 - 50 years of Indian Contemporary Chemould Presscott Mumbai- Curated by Geeta Kapur

2011 -‘INDIA!’at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), Rio de Janeiro.

2010 - Go see India - Vasa Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2010 - The 11th Hour- Tang contemporary art gallery, Beijing, China

2009 - Indian Contemporary- Benedictine Museum, Fecamp, France

2009 -Beyond Globalization - Pan Asian contemporary show, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China

2008 -‘Ghost of Souza ’-Aicon Gallery, New York

2008 -Everywhere is war, Bodhi Gallery,Mumbai

2008 -101 Contemporary, Tokyo, Japan

2007 -Rant+Liquid Memory-Vadehra Art gallery, N. Delhi

2007 -Aparanta-Contemporary Art In Goa, Panjim

2006 -Altered Realities (Shibu Nateshan, Baiju Parthan, Chiotrovanu Majumdar– Arts India New York

2005 -‘KAAM’ Gallery Artsindia New York

2005 -Alchemy ( Baiju Parthan, Jitish Kallat, Shibu Nateshan, Chitrovanu Majumdar)

2005 -Paths of Progression-Bodhi, Singapore

2005 -Arad biennale , Romania

2003 -Art on Paper- Royal College of Art London

2002 -Alchemy- Contemporay Indian and British art- Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London

2001 -Indian Contemporary Art - California , USA, organised by and Apparao Galleries

2000 -Sotheby's Artist of the Year Award show- National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai

2000 -Exile and Longing, Artists from Kerala, Lakeeren Contemporary art Gallery, Mumbai

2000 -Art and Technology 'The magazine show' National gallery of Modern Art Mumbai

2000 -Icons of the Millennium- Nehru centre Mumbai organised by Lakeeren Contemporary Art Gallery Mumbai

1999 -9th Asian Biennale-Dhaka, Bangladesh

1999 - 'Images and Ideas'-National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai

1997 -50 Years of Indian Contemporary Art,Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

1998 -'Gegenwartskunst aus Indien' Exhibition of Indian contemporary art (The Harsh Goenka collection), Leverkusen, Germany

1996 -'Within the Frame',Indian Contemporary Art, Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong

1996 -'Chamatkara', Indian Contemporary Art, Whiteley's Gallery, London

1996 -Four Visions, The Gallery, Hong Kong

1995 -Duo show- Sarina Tang Gallery, New York


Goa Lalit Kala Academy award 1981

Goa Lalit kala Academy merit award - 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981.


One among the five nominees for artist of the year 2000 award by Sotheby's of London


Residency at Seven degrees gallery Laguna, California.
USA- August-September 2001, Arranged by saffronart and Apparao galleries

Public Lectures / Presentations

2004- Seminar on the status of visual art in Kerala - Kashi art gallery, Cochin, Kerala.

2003- Lecture on new directions in New Media Art- On Invitation from British Council at Sakshi Gallery Bombay

2003- Lecture on Editorial Art- J.J School of Art Bombay

2003- Panellist- Seminar on Artists and their world views – National Centre for Performing Arts

2003- Presentation Lecture on developments Indian Contemporary Art - IDC - IIT Bombay

2003- Presentation Lecture on Technology and Art - DAIICT- Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat

March 2001 Panellist- Discussion on figuration in Indian Art.--National Centre for Performing Arts, Bombay

Nov. 2000 Panellist- Discussion on Modernity and despair -National Centre for Performing Arts, Bombay


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