(Instant Karma Algorithm)

Interactive Video Data Projection

Flash Animation, Action Script programming, LCD projector,Mouse, PC, metal trough with red paint.

Baiju Parthan, 2004

FLOW - (Instant Karma algorithm) is a convoluted attempt to visualize the ‘body without organs’ suggested by Deluze and Guatari.



The Installation consists of a click-able video data projection which depicts the close up of a body being panned in four directions. Every mouse click produces a bleeding wound that drips down the interface. Below the projection screen is a metal trough holding a pool of red paint which gives the impression as though the virtual drips have coalesced into real blood.


In this work the world becomes an extremely vulnerable surface that bleeds through remote actions committed through the very same
communication technology that brings the world together.

A mouse click can detonate a remote bomb killing thousands, or bring down a fledgling nation’s economy destroying the future of millions. Along with these concerns, the artist also is positing a different notion of the body. The body as it is constructed in the East, a 'Karmic body', a body without organs which is the sum of all the acts that one commit in a lifetime.

The artist is using the concept (body without organs) to make a complex mult- layered statement. The work is presented as an interactive –clickable video
data projection that mimicks the presentation layout of a regular news channel with stock quotes and news updates.



On one hand this work is a comment on the state of world affairs where all places and spaces are equally vulnerable to fatal attacks from ‘fundamentalist’ interest groups. On the other it is about the dark side of the technological inter connectivity and information ‘flow’ which has woven all locations across the world into one taut skin surface, making it vulnerable to acts of violence of remote origin.

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