ARPEGGIO FOR ABBE FARIA ( Photo and video installation)- 2008-2010


Post Hypnotic Journal - Chapter-1(Stills from computer genetrated video animation footage)


'Arpeggio for Abbe Faria' is a photographic installationand video project. The central motif of the installation is the outdoor sculpture of Abbe Faria (by Ramchandra Pandurang Kamat) situated in Panaji, in Goa on the western coast of the Indian sub-continent.
Abbe Faria was an Indo- Portuguese catholic priest who lived in Goa during the early 18th century and is considered to be the father of modern hypnosis. Unlike Mesmer, who claimed that hypnosis was mediated through "animal magnetism", Faria understood that it worked purely by the power of suggestion. In the early 19th century, Abbe Faria introduced oriental hypnosis to Paris.

The installation is an attempt to present one of my pet theories - Embodied information is memory, while disembodied memory is information , which is actually an interpretation of Merleau Ponty's observation that the body is not one object among many, but our only means of belonging to the world, and the body's spatiality is not coldly geometrical but situational.

Visually, the syntax of the photo installation is similar to David Hockney’s Polaroid composites from the 80's, but shot with a digital camera from 360 degrees.The installation was presented mimicing the way images travel on the internet as binary data packets speeding along multiple network pathways and nodes, to finally combine at the destination into an encompassing visual experience of the source image.


Photo installation- ' Arpeggio for Abbe Faria' display
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